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 How to organize and mobilize resources overseas.

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PostSubject: How to organize and mobilize resources overseas.   Sat Jun 27, 2009 7:20 am

I am opening this topic specifically to discuss the issue on how to raise funds overseas. Our goal here is not to make it too complex. I am posting this suggestion that I am planning to utilize in putting US resident together. If you feel it is convenient to do the same way in the country where you at then may be you can assimilate it but if not then you can always structure your system that suits best to your country of residence.

1. Create a database of contact information of as many alumni you can reach in your country of residence (which I am doing no). Then ask from that list who is willing to help you in collecting donations.

2. Wait for update from people attending the meeting back home or anybody who can feed us with an official report on what works to be done. I firmly believe that before we even start asking for money there should be a tangible goal coz it makes a difference on people's decision whether to give or not to give and how much to give.

3. Every week the people who volunteered to collect the money should post the list of donors and their donations to this website for purposes of transparency and counter check. This is with understanding that we should be informing all the donors about this website. In that way people who actually donated can visit this site and check if the entry was correct. Any discrepancy could easily be communicated in this site as well.

4. Every end of the month those who collected the money should wire it to the bank account under the name of MNHS alumni foundation. This is the safest way I can think of instead of handing or sending it to an individual back home which could lead easily to mismanagement of fund. Sending it to the foundation's account adds more security in regards to how it will be withdrawn and spent. As far as I remember before a money is taken out from the account all 3 signatures need to be present.

P.S. Lets discuss more about the deadline when we already know the most appropriate plan of action designed by the experts back home.
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PostSubject: Re: How to organize and mobilize resources overseas.   Sat Jun 27, 2009 1:19 pm

nice idea bout having a bank account that requires three signatures before withdrawing funds and posting donation amounts here..that i guess would solve our transparency worries.And regarding the idea about having a collector per location i guess we need to help each other here especially in knowing who are your fellow alumni's in that i must begin that i'm currently located her in Qatar and if anybody of you know someone who are also here then you must help me by giving as much information you can give..and i will also help you by giving names that i know is also based in your current location..hindi naman po kasi tau lahat magkakakilala so i guess it's the best we can do...We can also do it by batch especially for the later batches kasi may communication pa sila so hindi mahirap but i guess it would not work for those who belong to the earlier batches.I belong to batch 2002 and we are also organizing our batch reunion so we have pretty much established lines of communication among us so hindi masyadong mahirap magtanong kung cno ang interesadong tumulong.It's really hard reaching people, up to now i guess we have reached only about 30 percent.We are not trying to reach everyone anyway.
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PostSubject: Re: How to organize and mobilize resources overseas.   Sat Jun 27, 2009 10:18 pm

So.., eventually, our goal is set..Surprised
Thanks for summming up very well the questions that were floating in the air. I guess everyone here got ur point. Wink

So, if our initial focus will b on how to reach the other alumni and get to convince them w/ our 1st mission, then i think this site must b containing all the necessary infos so our fellow alumni and other viewers, esp. donors, cn get the idea clearly w/o any doubts for as we all know, people tend to have a second thoughts when it comes to donating their money..Neutral
As for my part, i cnt still gv my words but i'll try to figure out what to do that best suits d situation here for i might just end up w/ no out puts at all..Neutral And since it'll gonna b a noble undrtaking, we need to win the trust of others first.. Although, i believe that this is really a great opportunity for us to take part in meaningful volunteer work that is both challenging and rewarding..i hope we will come up with something soon..Rolling Eyes

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PostSubject: Re: How to organize and mobilize resources overseas.   

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How to organize and mobilize resources overseas.
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